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My name is Scott and I am a web development educator.  My passion is teaching people how easy it is to build their own blogs and websites. 


My Services

I offer a wide variety of web-related services, from design and development, to website promotion and monetization.


What Is a Web Developer?

A developer, as opposed to a designer, actually creates your website from a design.  I offer both design and development services.


Free Tutorials

I offer a variety of free tutorials for beginning webmasters, from how to choose the best website builder, to how to create a blog of your own.  I also provide free 1-one-1 email help for all of my students.



I take the stress out of building your website. Whether you want a simple blog, or an ecommerce site, my tutorials will guide you down the right path for you.

— Scott Chow

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Personalized Service

I provide personalized help via email to anyone who asks.  Just drop me a line through my contact form.